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5 reasons to go to Switzerland - Ecological tourism for a green planet
Many of us Switzerland is known only for its clock, but in reality it is a delightful country, where indifferent to leave is simply impossible. Mountain scenery, famous lakes and…

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The Most beautiful lakes in the world Photos
Today we will walk through the most beautiful lakes of our planet. Presenting your attention the ten most beautiful lakes in the world! Look! 1. Plitvice lakes, Croatia. 16 crystal-clear…

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TOP 10 unusual lakes in the world - Culture
May and beginning of June I have always associated with wonderful recreation on the lakes. That's where nature gets a unique atmosphere of harmony and happiness. People, families and companies…

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InterNevod: lakes of NORTH AMERICA


ATHABASCA, lake in Canada, the Mackenzie river. The area of 7.9 thousand square km, depth up to 60 m. the Flow into Great Slave lake via the Slave river.


BIG BEAR LAKE, located on the North-West of Canada. Area 30.2 thousand sq. km, depth-up to 137 m. the Flow on the river Great Bear.

Developed fishing and shipping.


GREAT SLAVE LAKE, a lake in Northwest Canada. Area of 28.6 thousand square km, depth up to 150 m. Flow into the Slave river, hay, follows the Mackenzie river. Navigation is well developed.


The GREAT SALT LAKE, an endorheic salt lake in the Western United States. Depending on the rainfall area and salinity vary from 2500 to 6000 sq km, and from 137 up to 300% thus the Average depth of 4.5-7.5 m. extracted sodium chloride and Glauber’s salts.


LAKE superior, USA and Canada, in the Great lakes system. The largest fresh water lake in the world. The area is 82.4 thousand square kilometers, the depth of 393 m. the Flow into lake Huron. National parks Isle Royal (USA), Pukaskwa (Canada).


WINNIPEG, a lake in Canada. An area of 24.3 thousand sq. km, depth up to 28 m. the Largest tributary of the lake is the river Saskatchewan, the river flows Nelson, flowing into Hudson Bay. Developed commercial Continue reading

Ebeko – Volcanoes of the world

Ebeko − active complex stratovolcano type Somma-Vesuvius, located in Northern Paramushir island. Seven kilometers North-West from Severo-Kurilsk. A volcano is a mountain system of Great Kurile ridge, Vernadsky ridge.

Ebeko has founded 2400 years ago. The volcano is composed of ANDESITES and andesite-basalts. The height of the top Ebeko is 1156 meters. Its Somma, whose diameter is three to five kilometers, destroyed. It surrounds the crest of semi-annular elongated in Meridian direction of the Central cone of the volcano, with the top three adjoining crater with depths of from seventy to one hundred meters and diameters from two hundred fifty to three hundred and fifty meters. Craters filled with hot lakes, sulphur, thermal springs. Many lateral craters of the volcano − explosive craters and cirques are also the centers of hydrothermal and fumarole activity.

Until the mid-sixties of the 20th century, the lake in the Central crater of Ebeko volcano is heated by underground springs. However, after the eruption of 1965, the flow of warm water from the bowels of the volcano ceased. As a result, the water level in the lake fell by eleven meters. The water is gradually beginning to cool. Nowadays this lake feeds water melting snowfield, located near the volcano

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Report – Inland waters South America

The humidity of the climate and abundance of precipitation on the mainland of the continent, the extensive flat space contribute to the formation on the mainland of large and deep rivers. Under the influence of moist winds from the Atlantic South America gets two times more rain than in average all land of the Earth. River flow is also almost twice exceeds the same averages across the globe. South America accounts for 8% of land and 14% of the flow of the globe. Thus, South America is richer than other continents water resources.

The power of most of the rivers of South American rain. Only some rivers get extra power at the expense of groundwater. melting snow and ice in the mountains. All the major rivers of the continent carry their waters into the Atlantic ocean. To the Pacific are short rivers that begin on the Western slopes of the Andes. Areas of internal drainage is restricted on the mainland area (approximately 6%, which is 10 times less than in Australia ).

Among the rivers of the mainland highlights Amazon — the deepest river in the globe and is the largest basin (7 million km2). The length of the Amazon, if we accept the source of marañon, will be the Amazon 6437 km — second Continue reading

The Lake Inari – Finland painting – Nature parks

Lake Inari is the largest lake in Lapland.

How to get there: the Nearest airport is in Ivalo. Lake Inari is located fifteen minutes away by bus from Helsinki.

Best time to visit . From may to July to see the polar night sun. From November to June the lake is covered with ice.

Nearest city: Ivalo, 45 km to the South.

Don’t miss: the Sami Museum, Inari, dedicated to the culture of the local Sami population.

Name: Lake Inari

Lake Inari, the third largest lake in Finland, is located on the 69th parallel, in the depths of the Arctic circle. The sixth-largest in Europe, lake Inari is actually more like a small sea. Assessment the lake area is about 1000 km2 and by the time You swam to the middle of his hectic, coast has long been out of sight.

Formed by a glacier over 10,000 years ago, the lake stretches to a length of 80 km, the depth of the lake Inari up to 92 meters. Lake at a height of 119 m above sea level.

Winter ice almost completely covers the lake for more than half a year, it usually remains completely melt away during the first week of June. But even in the warmest days the water temperature barely reaches a two-digit number.

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5 reasons to go to Switzerland – Ecological tourism for a green planet

Many of us Switzerland is known only for its clock, but in reality it is a delightful country, where indifferent to leave is simply impossible. Mountain scenery, famous lakes and the picturesque villages will help each guest to plunge into the fabulous world.

Acquaintance with the country will remain long in your memory. You may ask, what’s so amazing about this place? Look at the 5 reasons, why to go there. And forgive us the Swiss for being named quite a few reasons.

Alpine mountains

Switzerland is famous for its mountains. They occupy 2/3 of the entire country and attract those who prefer active lifestyle. The highest point with a height of 4634 meters is called “dufourspitze”.

Pleasantly surprised with a variety of local ski resorts. Amid them stands out especially in St. Moritz, which has twice been named the capital of the winter Olympics. Now there are major competitions in bobsleigh and Luge. This resort attractive for those who like winter kiting, the number of admirers of this direction is increasing annually. There are kite schools where you can acquire basic skills and to choose the right kite here .

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